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Adhikari, Pawan, Upadhaya, Bedanand, Wijethilake, Chaminda and Dhakal Adhikari, Shovita (2023) The sociomateriality of digitalisation in Nepalese NGOs. The British Accounting Review. ISSN 1095-8347

Alexander, James (2023) Analysing the importance of drill artists’ offline environment in the creation of violent online identities. Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 35 (3). pp. 340-354. ISSN 2206-9542

Alhaboby, Zhraa A., Barnes, James, Evans, Hala and Short, Emma (2023) Cybervictimization of adults with long-term conditions: cross-sectional study. Journal of medical Internet research, 25 (e39933). pp. 1-20. ISSN 1438-8871

Alhaboby, Zhraa A., Evans, Hala, Barnes, James and Short, Emma (2023) The impact of cybervictimization on the self-management of chronic conditions: lived experiences. Journal of medical internet research, 25 (e40227). pp. 1-21. ISSN 1438-8871

Bain, Katrin (2023) Inclusive assessment in higher education: what does the literature tells us on how to define and design inclusive assessments? Journal of Learning Development in Higher Education (27). pp. 1-23. ISSN 1759-667X

Bain, Katrin (2023) Using text-based vignettes in qualitative social work research. Qualitative Social Work. ISSN 1473-3250

Banbury, Samantha, Chandler, Chris and Lusher, Joanne (2023) A systematic review exploring the effectiveness of mindfulness for sexual functioning in women with cancer. Psych, 5 (1). pp. 194-208. ISSN 2624-8611

Banbury, Samantha, Lusher, Joanne and Henton, Isabel (2023) The relationship between postpartum depression and postpartum support: expatriate and non-expatriate comparisons. International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology, 10 (1). pp. 326-332. ISSN 2395-602X

Ben-Porat, Guy, Filc, Dani, Öztürk, Ahmet Erdi and Ozzano, Luca (2023) Populism, religion and family values policies in Israel, Italy and Turkey. Mediterranean Politics, 28 (2). pp. 155-177. ISSN 1743-9418

Casiraghi, Matteo C. M., Cusumano, Eugenio and Chryssogelos, Angelos (2023) European integration and political party logos: A ‘visual Europeanization’? European Union Politics. ISSN 1741-2757 (In Press)

Chryssogelos, Angelos, Jenne, Erin K., LaRoche, Christopher David, Verbeek, Bertjan, Zaslove, Andrej, Destradi, Sandra, Cadier, David, Coticchia, Fabrizio, Donelli, Federico and Lequesne, Christian (2023) Forum: new directions in the study of populism in international relations. International Studies Review, 25 (4). ISSN 1521-9488

Copeland, Samantha, Arfini, Selene and Ross, Wendy (2023) Enacting chance and the space of possibilities (editorial). Possibility Studies & Society, 1 (3). pp. 263-268. ISSN 2753-8699

Daly, Ellen, Smith, Olivia, Bows, Hannah, Brown, Jennifer, Chalmers, James, Cowan, Sharon, Horvath, Miranda A. H., Leverick, Fiona, Lovett, Jo, Munro, Vanessa and Willmott, Dominic (2023) Myths about myths? A commentary on Thomas (2020) and the question of jury rape myth acceptance. Journal of Gender-Based Violence, 7 (1). pp. 189-200. ISSN 2398-6808

Dudau, Adina, Stirbu, Diana, Petrescu, Maria and Bocioaga, Andreea (2023) Enabling PSL and value co-creation through public engagement: a study of municipal service regeneration. Public Management Review. pp. 1-28. ISSN 1471-9045

Guerrini, Sofia, Hunter, Monika, Papagno, Costanza and MacPherson, Sarah E. (2023) Cognitive reserve and emotion recognition in the context of normal aging. Neuropsychology, development, and cognition. Section B, Aging, neuropsychology and cognition, 30 (5). pp. 759-777. ISSN 1744-4128

Gurses, Mehmet, Fox, Jonathan and Öztürk, Ahmet Erdi (2023) State and faith: the supply-side theory of religion and the case of Turkey. Southeast European and Black Sea Studies. pp. 1-21. ISSN 1743-9639

Haynes, Jeffrey (2023) Book review : Jerry John Rawlings: leadership and legacy: a pan-African perspective. Democratization, 30 (4). pp. 763-765. ISSN 1743-890X

Hughes, William John (2023) (En)gendering change: understanding the gendered dynamics of domestic abuse perpetrator programmes. Criminology & Criminal Justice. ISSN 1748-8966

Juul, Emma, Banbury, Samantha, Visick, Amanda, Lusher, Joanne and Aydogan, Cinar (2023) A qualitative study examining the effects of transitioning on the sexual experiences of Trans male individuals. International Journal of Frontline Research in Science and Technology. ISSN 2945-4859 (In Press)

Killingback, Clare, Tomlinson, Amy, Thompson, Mark, Whitfield, Clare and Stern, Julian (2023) Teaching person-centered practice to pre-registration physiotherapy students: a qualitative study. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice. pp. 1-13. ISSN 1532-5040

Lee, Daren and Antonino, Raffaello (2023) Are we losing connection? Lived experience of online mutual aid groups during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contemporary Drug Problems. ISSN 2163-1808

Ling, Lydia Success, Eraso, Yolanda and Di Mascio, Verity (2023) First-generation Nigerian mothers living in the UK and their experience of postnatal depression: an interpretative phenomenological analysis. Ethnicity & Health, 28 (5). pp. 738-756. ISSN 1355-7858

Lubangakene, Innocent, Virdee, Bal Singh, Jayanthi, Renu and Ganguly, Priyanka (2023) Effect of metabolite and temperature on artificial human sweat characteristics over a very wide frequency range (400 MHz–10.4 GHz) for wireless hydration diagnostic sensors. Results in Engineering, 19 (101328). pp. 1-7. ISSN 2590-1230

Lusher, Joanne, Henton, Isabel and Banbury, Samantha (2023) Assessment and feedback in post-pandemic healthcare provider education: a meta-synthesis. Journal of Modern Nursing Practice and Research, 3 (3). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2708-2202

López, María E. and Ryan, Louise (2023) “What are you doing here?”: Narratives of border crossings among diverse Afghans going to the UK at different times. Frontiers in Sociology, 8. pp. 1-11. ISSN 2297-7775

MacNicol, Yvonne, Lusher, Joanne, Banbury, Samantha and Roberts, Nicola (2023) Parents’ narratives toward smoking in the home following a second-hand smoke story-telling education intervention. MOJ Addiction Medicine & Therapy (MOJAMT), 7 (1). pp. 7-13. ISSN 2573-2935

Madden, Mary, Stewart, Duncan and McCambridge, Jim (2023) ‘Really putting a different slant on my use of a glass of wine’: patient perspectives on integrating alcohol into structured medication reviews in general practice. Addiction Research & Theory. pp. 1-9. ISSN 1476-7392

Madden, Mary Teresa, Stewart, Duncan, Mills, Thomas and McCambridge, Jim (2023) Alcohol, the overlooked drug: clinical pharmacist perspectives on addressing alcohol in primary care. Addiction Science and Clinical Practice, 18 (1) (22). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1940-0640

Madden, Mary Teresa, Stewart, Duncan, Mills, Thomas and McCambridge, Jim (2023) Consultation skills development in general practice: findings from a qualitative study of newly recruited and more experienced clinical pharmacists during the covid-19 pandemic. BMJ Open, 13 (4). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2044-6055

Madziva, Cathrine and Chinouya, Martha J. (2023) African migrant women acquisition of clay for ingestion during pregnancy in London: a call for action. Public Health, 223. pp. 110-116. ISSN 1476-5616

Mainwaring, Chelsea, Scott, Adrian J. and Gabbert, Fiona (2023) Behavioral intentions of bystanders to image-based sexual abuse: a preliminary focus group study with a University student sample. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse. ISSN 1547-0679 (In Press)

Malafouris, Lambros, Carnegie, Rory, Creswell, Miranda, Ilipoulus, Antonis, Koukouti, Marie-Danae and Ross, Wendy (2023) Perspectival kinaesthetic imaging. Multimodality and Society. pp. 1-32. ISSN 2634-9795

Morgan, James and Bennett, Trevor (2023) The nature and implications of lifestyle transitions for persistent heroin use. Contemporary Drug Problems. ISSN 2163-1808

Mulholland, Jon and Ryan, Louise (2023) Advancing the embedding framework: using longitudinal methods to revisit French highly skilled migrants in the context of Brexit. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 49 (3). pp. 601-617. ISSN 1369-183X

Myhill, Andy and Kelly, Liz (2023) Whose harm is it anyway? Using police data to represent domestic abuse victims’ experiences. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 17. ISSN 1752-4520

Nercessian, Tiga-Rose, Banbury, Samantha and Chandler, Chris (2023) A systematic review looking at anodyspareunia among cisgender men and women. Journal of sex & marital therapy. pp. 1-13. ISSN 1521-0715

Nicholls, Emily and Conroy, Dominic (2023) ‘I’ve gone from one extreme to the other’: critical junctures in relationships with alcohol during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy. pp. 1-10. ISSN 0968-7637

Nygard, Mikael, Nyby, Josefine and Kuisma, Mikko (2023) Gender equality or employment promotion? The politicization of parental leave policy in Finland. Journal of social welfare and family law, 45 (3). ISSN 0964-9069 (In Press)

Prior, Alex and Stirbu, Diana (2023) Public engagement in the Welsh Parliament: shifting the dial from public-facing to public-engaging. International Journal of Parliamentary Studies, 3 (1). pp. 63-93. ISSN 2666-8912

Ross, Wendy (2023) Embracing difference and cultivating hope: the transformative potential of Possibility Studies. Possibility Studies & Society, 1 (1-2). pp. 243-259. ISSN 2753-8699

Ross, Wendy (2023) The possibilities of disruption: serendipity, accidents and impasse driven search. Possibility Studies & Society. pp. 1-13. ISSN 2753-8699

Ross, Wendy and Glăveanu, Vlad (2023) The constraints of habit: craft, repetition, and creativity. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. ISSN 1572-8676

Ross, Wendy and Groves, Mike (2023) Let's just see what happens: a qualitative case study of risk and uncertainty in the creative process. Journal of Creative Behaviour, 57 (2). pp. 305-318. ISSN 2162-6057

Ryan, Christopher (2023) Book review : Language, logic, and mathematics in Schopenhauer. History and Philosophy of Logic. ISSN 1464-5149

Ryan, Louise (2023) Book review : “I know who caused COVID-19”: pandemics and xenophobia. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 46 (3). pp. 656-658. ISSN 1466-4356

Scott, Tim (2023) Bourdieu, Lacan and field theory: neoliberal doxa in the economic field. Theory, Culture & Society. pp. 1-17. ISSN 0263-2764

Stephenson, Svetlana (2023) "What was the meaning of this theatre of absurdity": public shaming meetings in the late USSR. Versus, 2 (5). pp. 15-40. ISSN 2782-3679

Van Dongen, Anne, Stewart, Duncan, Garry, Jack and McCambridge, Jim (2023) Measurement of person-centred consultation skills among healthcare practitioners: a systematic review of reviews of validation studies. BMC medical education, 23 (1) (211). pp. 1-30. ISSN 1472-6920

Webb, Justin, Horlick, Rhian, Ahlquist, Ashleigh, Hall, Amelia, Brisby, K., Hills, Stephen and Stewart, Duncan (2023) The reach and benefits of a digital intervention to improve physical activity in people with a musculoskeletal condition delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Perspectives in Public Health, 143 (2). pp. 97-104. ISSN 1757-9139

Webb, Justin and Moxon, Sian (2023) A study protocol to understand urban rewilding behaviour in relation to adaptations to private gardens. Cities and Health, 7 (2). pp. 273-281. ISSN 2374-8834

Webb, Justin and Stewart, Duncan (2023) Let's move with Leon: a randomised controlled trial of a UK digital intervention to improve physical activity in people with a musculoskeletal condition. Public Health, 217. pp. 125-132. ISSN 0033-3506

Yalcinkaya, Ecem, Banbury, Samantha, Visick, Amanda, Chandler, Chris and Lusher, Joanne (2023) Men who have sex with robot dolls: a Foucauldian discourse analysis. World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews, 17 (3). pp. 195-205. ISSN 2581-9615

Öztürk, Ahmet Erdi (2023) Religious soft power: definition(s), limits and usage. Religions, 14(2) (135). pp. 1-5. ISSN 2077-1444

Book Section

Camargo, Ana, Ross, Wendy and Glăveanu, Vlad (2023) Cross-cultural creativity in organizations. In: Handbook of organisational creativity. Elsevier. (In Press)

Chryssogelos, Angelos (2023) Contesting international economic governance: the ‘people’ and trade in the Trump and Brexit rhetoric. In: Contestation and polarization in global governance: European responses. Leuven Global Governance series . Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, pp. 109-124. ISBN 9781800887251

West, Robin (2023) Jeju 4:3 memorial: Jeju Island, South Korea. In: 50 dark destinations: crime and contemporary tourism. Policy Press, Bristol, pp. 80-87. ISBN 9781447362197

Wheeler, Mark (2023) The working class in Schrader’s Blue Collar (1978). In: This hard land: scenes from the American working class. Lexington Books. (Submitted)


Beckford, Jane Elizabeth (2023) The big menopause: the word just seems wrong! An interpretative phenomenological analysis of Christian women’s experience of the menopause. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.

Conroy, Dom (2023) Stakeholder viewpoints on embedding employability in Higher Education. Masters thesis, London Metropolitan University.

Reidelberger, Melissa (2023) Beyond individual flow: distributed flow in ice hockey, its antecedents and consequences to performance. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.

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