Bourdieu, Lacan and field theory: neoliberal doxa in the economic field

Scott, Tim (2023) Bourdieu, Lacan and field theory: neoliberal doxa in the economic field. Theory, Culture & Society, 41 (2). pp. 113-130. ISSN 0263-2764


This article describes the conditions under which it is possible for neoliberalism to render itself invisible to the economic field that created it, allowing that field to define the discourse as a paranoid construction of the Left. In addressing the issue, the text aims to extend the reach of Bourdieu’s Field Theory by infusing it with aspects of Lacanian psychoanalysis. This construction facilitates the use of the example of neoliberal economics to suggest wider principles of field functionality. It is suggested that the main purpose of any field is not the generation of new knowledge but the preservation of its doxa, which is protected by a series of self-legitimation strategies. In the example of neoliberal economics, the strength of these systems has allowed that field to close its eyes to the catastrophic failure of its knowledge.

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