Using Padlets as e-portfolios to enhance undergraduate students’ writing skills and motivation

Meletiadou, Eleni (2021) Using Padlets as e-portfolios to enhance undergraduate students’ writing skills and motivation. IAFOR Journal of Undergraduate Education, 9 (5). pp. 67-83.


Despite the increasing support for the use of e-portfolios, research on its utility is just beginning to emerge. In terms of the current study, 200 students were asked to create digital portfolios with Padlet, share their e-portfolios via their Virtual Learning Platform (VLE) and ask for peer and lecturer feedback every time they completed a written task. Using a diagnostic test and their final assignment, students had to write a reflective report at the beginning and the end of an academic term. They also interacted every week using a forum created by their lecturer to enhance collaboration and peer support. At the end of each interactive feedback session, they had to reflect on their work and the feedback they received and post their self-reflections on the forum. Findings indicated that students managed to improve their writing performance significantly and enhance their motivation towards writing and learning in general due to this innovative alternative assessment method. This was evident from their final reflective reports, their focus group discussions, and the anonymous feedback they provided through Mentimeter. Students reported that they enjoyed this interactive experience which was both engaging and rewarding. However, students expressed their wish for more support when using IT tools and e-portfolios and asked to be guided to develop their writing and reflective skills and engage even more with their e-portfolios.

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