With whom do young Europeans' discuss their political identities?

Ross, Alistair (2020) With whom do young Europeans' discuss their political identities? Citizenship, Social and Economics Education, 19 (3). pp. 175-191. ISSN ‎2047-1734


This article explores how young Europeans (12 to 19) describe how they discuss political issues with their friends, their parents, and teachers in their schools, and the ways in which these appears to impact on their political understanding and identities. Based on 324 group discussions with 2000 young people, in 104 locations in 29 different European states, the findings suggest that many young people see parents as the people with whom they most often talk about politics. They describe a range of situations – from intense discussion and support from parents to antagonistic arguments about their parents’ political views. Discussion with teachers was relatively less common, and more often dependant on individual personalities than as part of a pedagogic programme. Instances of citing citizenship education as locations for political discussions were rare. The article discusses the methodology that gathered this data, and suggests that this might contribute to an effective pedagogy to discuss political identities with young people.

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