Using thematic analysis to apprehend teachers experiences of working with traumatized students

Mboko, Sidney, Phillips, Olaide, Banbury, Samantha and Lusher, Joanne (2023) Using thematic analysis to apprehend teachers experiences of working with traumatized students. In: Progress in Education. Progress in Education, 78 (78). Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, NY, USA, pp. 1-24. ISBN 9798891132696


Teachers can play a significant role in the development of each and every student they meet. Not only is there an expectation of teachers to assist students transition from novice to expert within a subject, but teachers are also assumed to help students from a variety of backgrounds to navigate their emotions through guidance and pastoral support. This chapter presents the findings gathered through a series of semi-structured interviews that explored trauma. Specifically, the chapter discusses the use of thematic analysis in recognising and better understanding the experiences of and impact on teachers’ when working with traumatised students. This chapter explains the method employed to explore the experiences of teachers who have worked with students who have been traumatised by asking questions such as: To what extent do teachers believe their ability to teach is impacted by student trauma? How is student trauma navigated by teachers? To help answer these research questions, thematic analysis was applied, and three key themes emerged from the data. Taken together, the themes Discovered Emotional Turmoil, Resilience, and Strategies for Coping, capture the shared experiences that working with traumatised students has both positively and negatively on teachers’ ability to carry out their role effectively. The chapter closes with suggestions for further avenues of investigation in the field.

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