Micro-dosing psychedelics as a plausible adjunct to psychosexual and couple’s therapy: a qualitative insight

Jacobs, Lucy, Banbury, Samantha and Lusher, Joanne (2022) Micro-dosing psychedelics as a plausible adjunct to psychosexual and couple’s therapy: a qualitative insight. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 2022. pp. 1-14. ISSN 1468-1749


Research has predominated among the therapeutic application of psychedelics for varied psychopathologies and yet remains limited when supporting sexual behaviour intimacy among couples; particularly those who micro-dose. Method: Using semi-structured interviews, this qualitative study explored the micro-dosing sexual experiences of four partnered men and women aged 20–35 years. Interviews examined the effect of micro-dosing on confidence, openness, sexuality, inhibition and perceived relationship satisfaction. Results: Thematic analysis identified three key narratives: increased sexual self-efficacy; sexual exploration; and heightened relationship satisfaction. From the participant’s perspective, the use of micro-dosing psychedelics had a positive effect on sexual and physical well-being by reducing stress and performance-related anxiety. This, in turn, elevated sexual desire, exploration, communication and enhanced sensory and sexual experience, thus potentially supporting emotional and physical connection. In terms of erectile functioning and orgasm, participants attributed this to being micro-dose and psychedelic choice dependent. Whilst higher doses of MDMA hindered sexual functioning this did not negatively impact the emotional and sensory experiences. Conclusion: These findings point to micro-dosing psychedelics as offering a potentially beneficial adjunct to psychosexual and couple’s therapy; potentiating relationship and sexual satisfaction. Further research might wish to gravitate quantitatively towards a larger and varied micro-dosing populace in supporting sexual self-efficacy and intimacy.

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