Strengthening the web of prevention against chemical and biological weapons

Novossiolova, Tatyana, Dando, Malcolm and Shang, Lijun (2022) Strengthening the web of prevention against chemical and biological weapons. Working Paper. N/A. (Unpublished)


The purpose of these facilitation notes is to demonstrate how the cartoon series Strengthening the Web of Prevention against Chemical and Biological Weapons could be used to promote reflection on biological and chemical security issues in the context of science practice. Advances in life sciences and chemistry offer capabilities that could facilitate the development of novel and more sophisticated biological and chemical weapons. Security risk management is an essential element of the process of safeguarding benignly intended research and innovation from accidental or deliberate misuse in the 21st century. The facilitation notes draw attention to indicative aspects of the process of identifying and addressing dual-use issues in life sciences and chemistry. In this context, the cartoons could serve as situational scenarios for promoting consideration of biological and chemical security concepts.

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