Patriarchy and gender stereotypes in the contemporary world

Tabassum, Naznin and Nayak, Bhabani Shankar, eds. (2024) Patriarchy and gender stereotypes in the contemporary world. Routledge, London. ISBN 978032754710 (In Press)


Patriarchy and Gender Stereotypes in the Contemporary World offers a thorough analysis of the stereotyping of women, particularly in organisations and higher education.

The book considers both theoretical and empirical evidence and articulates the potential for transforming perceptions of women at work and in society, emphasising the importance of understanding the pictures created in our heads by gender stereotypes and their impact both positively and negatively on the status of women. In addition, the authors consider gender stereotypes from different countries and generations, providing a uniquely detailed description of how patriarchy operates across cultures and time.

The book is a key textbook and research reference for students, researchers, policymakers, academicians, and activists working on gender studies.

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