Integrating educational digital storytelling in the writing class: towards a 21st century academic literacy in higher education

Meletiadou, Eleni (2022) Integrating educational digital storytelling in the writing class: towards a 21st century academic literacy in higher education. In: London Metropolitan University Student and Staff Research Conference 2022, 12-13 July 2022, London Metropolitan University. (Unpublished)


The current study explored the use of Educational Digital Storytelling (EDS) with multilingual and multicultural Business students to help them improve their writing and professional skills and enhance their motivation towards writing in the post-Covid era promoting experiential learning. Fifty first-year students were asked to write their own digital stories using either blogs, websites and/or video presentations and were engaged in interactive seminars for a whole academic semester. Using a mixed methods research design, the researcher compared students’ pre- and post-test scores and estimated that students improved their writing performance by almost 20% in an academic semester (12 weeks). Students also provided feedback regarding their overall experience at regular intervals (every 2 weeks) via Mentimeter. They confessed that EDS provided an opportunity for students to develop their digital skills while becoming more confident with technology through experimentation. Educators in the 21st century Higher Education Institutions can benefit from this highly interactive approach in their effort to help students develop their academic skills while they engage in the development of engaging stories which allow them to put the theory they have learnt into practice. Findings reveal that students enhanced their writing performance considerably through their reflection on deep learning. In addition, the results of the qualitative analysis indicated that the students in the current study valued the opportunity to use EDS and reflect on how they could enhance their digital skills repertoire synthesizing their experiences with new knowledge regarding Business and Management theories. The findings of this study may help Higher Education faculty to utilize technologically suffused pedagogy to meet course objectives. The overall aim of the current study was to explore the potential benefits of EDS in Higher Education and promote its use with university students as it fosters strategic thinking, self-reflection, teamwork, and the development of digital and professional skills.

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