Validation of the short flow in work scale (SFWS)

Moneta, Giovanni B. (2017) Validation of the short flow in work scale (SFWS). Personality and Individual Differences, 109. pp. 83-88. ISSN 0191-8869


This paper describes the validation of a short scale measuring flow in work. Study 1 used exploratory factor analysis on data gathered from 582 workers, and indicated unidimensionality. Study 2 used confirmatory factor analysis on two-wave data gathered from 101 workers, and corroborated the factor structure, ruled out response styles, and established scalar invariance across administrations. In Study 3, a sample of 492 workers completed the scale, other two flow scales, and scales measuring work engagement and positive affect. Confirmatory factor analysis revealed that the scale converges satisfactorily with other flow scales and has more discriminant validity. Study 4 used multilevel confirmatory factor analysis on repeated workday surveys gathered from 118 workers, and corroborated the factorial validity and factorial invariance of the scale. The findings indicate that the scale produces valid and reliable scores when used to measure flow both as a domain-specific disposition and as a workday state.

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