Inclusive formative assessment practices (IFAP) in higher education: promoting education for social justice [conference paper]

Meletiadou, Eleni (2023) Inclusive formative assessment practices (IFAP) in higher education: promoting education for social justice [conference paper]. In: ALTE 8th International Conference, 26-28 April 2023, Madrid.


According to the literature, there are very few long-term studies which have implemented more than one formative assessment methods in Higher Education (HE) and more to explore their impact on students’ motivation and writing performance. Moreover, very few long-term studies, if any, have actually conducted research in HE using a mixed methods approach. The aim of the current study was to enhance students’ motivation and writing performance and ensure that no student is left behind irrespective of their background. The project developed and piloted the Inclusive Formative Assessment Practices (IFAP) scheme in HE. This study promoted the Education for Social Justice Framework and explored the beneficial impact of inclusive modern educational assessment practices on student outcomes, overall experience, and continuous professional development. In terms of this year-long project, 200 first-year students were trained and then encouraged to use peer assessment in their first semester and self-assessment in their second semester to improve their writing skills and professional skills, i.e., collaboration, self-regulation and problem-solving. The researcher collected pre- and post-tests (a short report) and explored any improvement in students’ performance by comparing marks. The researcher also explored students’ attitudes during the implementation using anonymous feedback provided by students via Mentimeter and focus group discussions. This project wishes to inform scholarly debate around inclusive assessment practices that can enhance students’ learning and motivation and cater for their diverse needs.

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