Informing decisions to influence change: the changing role of the in-house practioner in the Ministry of Defence

Elliott-Mabey, Nicola L. (2010) Informing decisions to influence change: the changing role of the in-house practioner in the Ministry of Defence. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.


This Professional Doctorate in Occupational Psychology presents four pieces of research, alongside an explanatory prologue and epilogue, which were conducted to show aspects of the changing role of in-house psychology practitioners. The first two research chapters introduce an in-house psychology team and the organisational changes they experienced and the impetus for developing their output. The second two chapters present examples of such output. The Organisational Case Study describes the analysis of an organisational change process and the associated emotional responses demonstrating how radical change can be positively handled. The Intervention Programme presents the implementation of a homeworking solution to tackle staff retention, and proposes that a hybrid model will increase the likelihood of successful remote working implementation. The Critical Literature Review presents an evaluation of environmental scanning and its relationship with occupational psychology; arguing that environmental scanning is a vital higher order skill for psychology practitioners to understand external contexts. Finally, the Empirical Project presents the investigation of social processes of recruitment, supporting previous research that applicant perceptions should be considered and that this approach is as valid as more traditional models of recruitment research. These research topics were chosen to show the diversity of in-house practice and provided an opportunity for exploration of new concepts and the development of inductive reasoning. My original contribution is to both knowledge and practice, by testing and supporting theoretical premises, such as the importance of emotions during radical change, in new contexts; and also providing applied advice and guidance based on this research.

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