The dramaturgy of music: its impact on my composition

Garavaglia, Javier A. (2010) The dramaturgy of music: its impact on my composition. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.


This submission for PhD by Prior Output (comprising of six compositions and this dissertation) defines my personal approach to musical composition using music dramaturgy as its main source of inspiration and expression, contextualising the compositions within other pieces in the field and also within my own production. The pieces were selected following recommendations and regulations from the Graduate School at London Metropolitan University, which are fully explained in section II.L A further criterion for the selection of precisely these six pieces was, that in spite of their apparent diversity (showing a vast range of compositional techniques, including acousmatic music, ensemble and solo pieces with live-electronics) they nevertheless form a 'coherent whole', as it is explained in section ILi and ll.ii. A detailed analysis of the compositional techniques for each of the six works, a list of all works and publications of my authorship in the public domain, reviews about some of the works and diverse publications related to the compositions or main subjects are presented in the Appendices, as required. Papers which are relevant either to the pieces or to some of the concepts explained in this dissertation are presented in the appendices XV to XIX. List of the works included in the prior output: Geqenstitze (gegenseitig): alto flute, quadraphonic tape and live-electronics (ca. 33') Arte Poetice (I): quadrophonic tape (ca. 8') Overture (in memoriam T.A. T.): quadrophonic tape (ca. 11') Spectral colours: ensemble and tape (ca. 11') Color Code: quadrophonic tape and live-electronics, live viola, video (ca. 30') L.S. (waiting for changes): small orchestra (ca.12') Keywords Music dramaturgy, intrinsic and extrinsic music dramaturgy, communication process, musical discourse, musical semiotics, sound imprint, intention/reception, something-to-hold-on-to-factors.

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