'Contemporary performance as TARDIS': dancing through time and relative dimension in space

Turner, Jane (2021) 'Contemporary performance as TARDIS': dancing through time and relative dimension in space. Dancer Citizen, 12.


Doctor Who, the British TV character /programme, travels lightly across space and time by entering into an innocuous communications box that is much more than it first appears. Once across the threshold, this science fiction contraption serves as a metaphor for complex performance and points to scientific and artistic understanding that proposes a whole is often much greater than the sum of its parts.

I evoke the Tardis as it references science and art, matter and movement, is playful with postmodern potential, and in its transformational nature gifts me an image that resonates my concerns as a dance artist and performance maker. As a choreographer working from improvisational starting points towards the catalysis of groups of bodies/selves into dance performance I also set out from simple beginnings towards new unpredictable vistas.

Referencing postmodern border crossing artists, scholars and their work alongside my own choreographic history in relation to the science of self-organising systems I celebrate the power of collective intelligence by making connections between processes of change where complexity is achieved from simple starting points.

‘Contemporary Performance as Tardis', Turner, J. 2021.docx - Accepted Version

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