Nurturing student writing knowledge, self-regulation, and attitudes in higher education

Meletiadou, Eleni (2022) Nurturing student writing knowledge, self-regulation, and attitudes in higher education. In: Handbook of Research on Policies and Practices for Assessing Inclusive Teaching and Learning. IGI Global, pp. 27-53. ISBN 978-1-7998-8579-5


Self-assessment (SA) is regarded as a prestigious method of formative assessment in higher education. The present study explored the use of SA as an inclusive practice aiming to help students improve their writing performance, self-regulation, and attitudes. Forty-four undergraduate students attended an academic writing module for one semester. Students had all used peer assessment (PA) during the previous semester and were then asked to use SA. The lecturer provided training, mentoring, and coaching throughout the implementation taking into consideration students' individual learning needs. Students' pre-test and post-test scores showed that SA improved undergraduate students' writing performance more than PA. The findings from students' pre- and post-implementation survey revealed that SA had a strong impact on students' self-regulation. Considering the findings from the students' focus group discussions final essays and self-reflective journals, SA was challenging but developed students' autonomy, critical thinking, and sense of personal accountability significantly.

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