How is blockchain used in marketing: a review and research agenda

Jain, Deepa, Dash, Manoj Kumar, Kumar, Anil and Luthra, Sunil (2021) How is blockchain used in marketing: a review and research agenda. International Journal of Information Management Data Insights, 1 (2). ISSN 2667-0968


Blockchain technology is the need of the hour today, due to its strong pillars of distribution, decentralisation, encryption, immutability and tokenization. It has a growing scope in various sectors of the economy. With vast data availability, there are challenges of big data, privacy, ransomware attacks, resulting into marketing fraud and spam. The present study reviews the use of blockchain in marketing area and seeks to identify influential aspects, research streams and research questions to propose the future research agenda of emerging market perspectives for blockchain marketing integration. The study analysed 75 articles from the international database of Scopus using bibliometric and network-based analysis. Present study firstly, identified influential aspects of literature in terms of highly cited articles, keywords, authors and publications; Secondly, identified five future research streams: (i) Blockchain and Electronic Commerce, (ii) Blockchain and Marketing; (iii) Blockchain and Data; (iv) Blockchain and Data Analytics and (v) Blockchain-Privacy and Security, Finally, suggested 18 future research questions. The study paved way for future researchers by providing future research agenda in terms of the proposed framework, which needs to be explored further to identify the relationships between five identified streams using proposed research questions. The study is unique in terms of its contribution to the literature publishing literature with an exhaustive focus on ‘identifying the blockchain-marketing integration.’ The present study fills this literature gap and proposed a framework and research questions for future researchers.

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