Bridging the gap between gender (studies) and (audiovisual) translation

De Marco, Marcella (2015) Bridging the gap between gender (studies) and (audiovisual) translation. Prosopopeya: Revista de Crítica Contemporánea. Special Issue: Traducción, Ideología y Poder en la Ficción Audiovisual (9). pp. 99-109. ISSN 1575-8141


Since translation started gaining ground in academia in 1980s and since the translation process began to be explored from a socio-cultural – rather than a linguistic – perspective, this practice has become the terrain in which relations of power, ideological views, clichés and stereotypes are examined and challenged. Gender has been one of the most debated themes within the academic circles in the last few years and its analysis has been approached from many angles. Within the translation discourse, many contributions have been made in literary translation and only recently gender concerns have also come to the fore in audiovisual translation (AVT) debates. The aim of this article is to bridge the gap between the study of gender and that of AVT since this still appears an unconventional route that few scholars seem willing to cover. For this purpose, I will give an overview of the theoretical background on which this new approach is based and summarise the main aspects that the analysis of gender issues in AVT encompasses.

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