QUCS/ADMS/Verilog-A Update

Brinson, Mike, Crozier, Richard, Novak, Clemens, Roucaries, Bastien, Schreuder, Frans, Torri, Guilherme B. and Grabinski, Wladek (2014) QUCS/ADMS/Verilog-A Update. In: Modeling of Systems and Parameter Extraction Working Group, December 12, 2014., 7th International MOS-AK Workshop, Berkeley, US.


The QUCS is a popular GPL circuit simulator. The second generation development team undertook the task of eliminating a number of bugs in the Qucs software, improving its performance and extending its capabilities into new circuit and simulation domains. This presentation outlines the most important changes which include, GUI and Qucssator improvements, post-simulation data processing using Qucs, Octave and Python, compact semiconductor modelling with equation-defined devices and Verilog-A code models and the introduction of a non-linear differential equation library and Octave/Matlab interface. Throughout the presentation a number of behavioural models for two and three terminal devices are introduced and their performance evaluated with data obtained from simulation tests undertaken with the Qucs and Xyce GPL circuit simulators.

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