Misplaced talent

Bartlett, Dean (2015) Misplaced talent. In: Misplaced Talent: a guide to better people decisions. J. Wiley & Son, Hoboken, New Jersey. USA, ix-xii. ISBN 9781119030942


There are many more commonalities than differences when we look at how psychology has been applied to the world of work in different regions across the globe, but practitioners can sometimes struggle in their attempts to translate and apply to their own practice the very rich body of scientific research and theory upon which the profession is based. Any practitioner faced with the immense challenge of responding to shifting workplace trends must negotiate their way through a rapidly changing backdrop to develop the dynamic capabilities upon which organisations increasingly depend. Those charged with matching people to these new roles will need to be able to align a more diverse set of people through networks of ‘open innovation’ as organisations evolve their form and function.

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