Natural language processing approach to NLP meta model automation

Amirhosseini, Mohammad Hossein, Kazemian, Hassan, Ouazzane, Karim and Chandler, Chris (2018) Natural language processing approach to NLP meta model automation. In: International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), 8-13 July 2018, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the most utilised approaches for personality development and Meta model is one of the most important techniques in this process. Usually, when one speaks about a problem or a situation, the words that one chooses will delete, distort or generalize portions of their experience. Meta model, which is a set of specific questions or language patterns, can be used to understand and recover the information hidden behind the words used. This technique can be adopted to understand other people’s problems or enable them to understand their own issues better. Applying the Meta Model, however, requires a great level of skill and experience for correct identification of deletion, distortion and generalization. Using the appropriate recovery questions is challenging for NLP practitioners and Psychologists. Moreover, the efficiency and accuracy of existing methods on the Meta model can potentially be hindered by human errors such as personal judgment or lack of experience and skill. This research aims to automate the process of using the Meta Model in conversation in order to eliminate human errors, thereby increasing the efficiency and accuracy of this method. An intelligent software has been developed using Natural Language Processing, with the ability to apply the Meta model techniques during conversation with its user. Comparisons of this software with performance of an established NLP practitioner have shown increased accuracy in identification of the deletion and generalization processes. Recovery of information has also been more efficient in the software in comparison to an NLP practitioner.

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