Promoting social cohesion : the role of community media

Lewis, Peter M. (2008) Promoting social cohesion : the role of community media. Project Report. Council of Europe, Strasbourg.


This report was commissioned by the Group of Specialists on Media Diversity to identify the most important issues concerning the relationship between media and social cohesion; to summarise existing definitions of "third sector media" and classify the sector according to aspects such as ownership, structure, funding, content/programming, audience involvement and different platforms, including new media; to discuss the positive and negative effects of third sector media with regard to social cohesion; and to describe existing measures to support third sector media. The report draws on academic studies and reports from UNESCO, AMARC (the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters) and other NGOs and begins with a summary of some of the relevant theoretical concepts that relate to social cohesion, such as identity, community and citizenship.

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