Temporary architecture as a contemporary typology for place making

Khonsari, Torange (2016) Temporary architecture as a contemporary typology for place making. In: Annual Geographers Conference, 30 March 2016 - 3rd April 2016, San Francisco.


This talk and paper will explore temporary architecture as the new typology for socially motivated projects embedded in a locality and as an instrument for place making.

The paper will explore both the socially motivated temporary structures of the constructivists (and their interdisciplinary existence) and the birth of the current temporary architectures within the context of place making in the city. It will start with structures that supported social messages to the wider public such as agitational prop train and theatre sets of constructivists of early 20th century to Cedric Price’s notions of the significance of temporary architecture and finally to the current temporary buildings that are emerging as a praxis of 21st century place making. These temporal architectures with their notions of ‘as found’, flexibility and ease of collective construction have the ability to change and shift with time which is what a socially motivated project requires, in a context of different social desires, interests, cultures and needs.
Although highly programmed, temporary architecture is not about being functional but to nurture collective thought, individual desires, platforms for individual and collective voices to be heard and non-commercialised public spaces for open discussion to be championed.

In a current social urban context in the UK, where the value systems of our society is so wide and varied we need places that can embody and understand such variety rather than simplify and order it with dated and imposed values.

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