Rethinking architectural education - the new EU directive and the role of live projects

Denicke-Polcher, Sandra, Jessen, Dann, Markey, Anne, Mitchell, Maurice, Tang, Bo and Khonsari, Torange (2014) Rethinking architectural education - the new EU directive and the role of live projects. In: 2nd annual AAE conference, Sheffield - Sumposium: Rethinking Architectural Education – The new EU Directive and the role of live Projects, 3-5 September 2014, University of Sheffield.


The symposium was held as part of the 2nd Annual AAE Conference 2014
- Living and Learning - at the University of Sheffield and encouraged the participants to discuss the teaching method of Live Projects as part of the typical 5 year architectural education in the UK.

Within the context of the new EU directive and the potential for a rethinking of the “3+2 years” (+ 2 years in practice) usual architectural education in the UK, Live Projects play an important role, adding practical experience to a shorter “5+0 years” model (without the year in practice). The information and knowledge delivered in the symposium could play a demonstrative and exemplary role in future architectural educational reform.

At the Cass. School of Architecture, several studios at Undergraduate and Diploma level choose to work on Live Projects with their students as the year-long programme. These Live Projects play an important role within the students’ architectural education and increasingly will do so also in the future, as Live Projects add practical experience to a potentially reduced architectural education to 5 years without a year out. The studios at the Cass do not only teach students about the professional side of architectural practice (e.g. real clients), but also contribute to research in architecture. Three studios presented their work and methodologies as a base for discussion at the beginning of the Symposium, this was followed by a short Q+A session, involving the audience and other institutions to discuss:

• What makes a project live?
• What support is needed for Live Projects?
• What is the role of the architect within the Live Project?

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