Social Work in FSU countries: mapping the progress of' 'the professional project'

Iarskaia-Smirnova, Elena and Lyons, Karen (2018) Social Work in FSU countries: mapping the progress of' 'the professional project'. European Journal of Social Work, 21 (1). pp. 114-127. ISSN 1369-1457


This article present material from literature and from national experts about social work development in the 15 Former Soviet Union (FSU) states since independence in 1991. Taking professionalization as a theoretical framework and considering the role of the state and other actors, the authors use a thematic approach to analyse the factors relevant to the professional project . Throughout the region , the state is identified as still the major actor in driving welfare changes and creating the legislative and organisational bases for the development of social work. A chronology of legislation relevant to the establishment of social work is included which highlights the variation ins in the pace of developments as do the establishment of professional education (throughout the region) and professional associations (in most countries). The authors conclude that the professional project faces many challenges across the FSU region and the progress made - or lack of it in some countries - can be related to the politics and economics of particular states, However, the evidence suggests that, less than a quarter of a century after the demise of communism, the project has been initiated in all but one FSU countries and there are indications of positive developments.

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