The optical properties of oxide films on copper and copper alloys

Hamilton, M. A. (1985) The optical properties of oxide films on copper and copper alloys. Doctoral thesis, City of London Polytechnic.


Suitable conditions were selected to allow thin, thermal oxide films consisting of cuprous oxide only to be grown on copper and dilute copper alloy substrates. The identity of the oxide was confirmed by x-ray diffraction and coulometry. Spectral measurements covering the wavelength range 350 - 750 nm were made using an automatic, self-nulling ellipsometer. From this data the optical constants and thickness of the oxide films were computed and compared to those of the bulk oxide. The optical constants of the oxide were found to depend on the thickness of the film and the identity of the alloying addition in the substrate. The effect of different substrates on the optical constants of cuprous oxide was tested by growing thin cuprous oxide films on gold and glass substrates. Optical property changes of the oxide are attributed to space-charge effects existing at the substrate/oxide interface.

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