The synthesis of aminophosphonic acid derivatives & related compounds

St Claire Green, Donovan (1991) The synthesis of aminophosphonic acid derivatives & related compounds. Doctoral thesis, Polytechnic of North London.


1-Aminoalkanephosphonic acids and their derivatives, have long been claimed to be compounds with a wide variety of application. Numerous examples exist where they have been described as: complex-forming agents with sequestrating properties, extractants, wetting agents, pharmaceutical preparations, ion exchangers, herbicides, compounds with plant growth regulatory activity; inhibitors of aminopeptidases; as structural units in peptide analogues, functioning as antibacterial agents, which inhibit bacterial cell wall biosynthesis; as structural units in peptidic phosphonylating agents that irreversibly inhibit a wide variety of serine proteases; as structural units in butyloxycarbonyl protected phosphonate esters that complex with alpha-lytic proteases; and as structural units in peptidyl phosphonate diphenyl 9 10 esters which powerfully inhibit the enzyme thrombin. …

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