A comprehensive review on theoretical framework-based electric vehicle consumer adoption research

Adnan, Nadia, Nordin, Shahrina Md, Rahman, Imran, Vasant, Pandian M. and Noor, Amir (2017) A comprehensive review on theoretical framework-based electric vehicle consumer adoption research. International Journal of Energy Research, 41 (3). pp. 317-335. ISSN 0363-907X


Green vehicles, such as electric vehicles (EVs), are getting noteworthy popularity among consumers worldwide. The purpose of this paper is to establish EVs as a feasible long-term solution for the future of technology in the vehicle industry,which can decrease the current dependency on fossil fuels and also decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. As a part of long-term benefits, the adoption of EVs gives environmentally friendly innovation to society. Despite positive environmental implications, the total number of EVs in usage is still inadequate. One of the major causes of this insubstantial adoption of EVs is largely dependent on the perceptions of consumers regarding EVs. However, this particular research study offers an inclusive outline on the existing hurdles for consumer adoption of EVs as well as a framework of the theoretical standpoints that were developed for the adoption behaviour, in addition to considering consumer intentions in the direction of EVs. In this particular study, the researcher found that the literature regarding EV adoption tried to address only the diffusion method of EVs. Whereas this study highlights consumer innovations, which provides a wide insight on consumer emotions to overlook the major aspect in consumer EVs' adoption research. The theme of this particular literature can be implemented in order to better understand the consumers' emotions and behaviour towards the adoption of EVs. The scholars further stated that there is a possible cause for more recent developments within the technological adoption part that can assist to be a standard for upcoming developments. For the last few years, knowledge regarding the problems surrounding the adoption and diffusion of EVs has gained less attention. This study expands this line of research by focusing on making a chance for developing the theoretical frameworks in terms of adding emotions in a psychological perspective where consumer behaviour and ethics are considered.

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