Metamaterial based ultra-wideband antennas for portable wireless applications

Alibakhshikenari, Mohammad, Naser-Moghadasi, Mohammad, Sadeghzadeh, Ramazan Ali, Virdee, Bal Singh and Limiti, Ernesto (2017) Metamaterial based ultra-wideband antennas for portable wireless applications. In: Metamaterials - Devices and Applications. INTECH, pp. 125-147. ISBN 978-953-51-3100-7


Antennas are essential for wireless communication systems. The size of a conventional antenna is dictated mainly by its operating frequency. With the advent of ultra-wideband systems (UWB), the size of antennas has become a critical issue in the design of portable wireless devices. Consequently, research and development of suitably small and highly compact antennas are challenging and have become an area of great interest among researchers and radio frequency (RF) design engineers. Various approaches have been reported to reduce the physical size of RF antennas including using high permittivity substrates, shorting pins, reactive components, and more recently, metamaterials (MTM) based on composite right-/left-handed transmission-lines (CRLH-TLs). MTM exhibit unique electromagnetic response that cannot be found in the nature. In this chapter, the properties of CRLH-TL are used to synthesize novel and highly compact planar UWB antennas with radiation properties suitable for wireless mobile devices and systems.

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