Challenges in the implementation of performance management : case study of the Russian public services, Krasnoyarsk City

Kichigina, Anastasiya (2017) Challenges in the implementation of performance management : case study of the Russian public services, Krasnoyarsk City. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.


Many public sector organisations worldwide have implemented performance management systems to improve performance. Performance management was initially designed by the private sector in Western countries and then adopted by the public sector. Now, performance management has become a global reform also implemented in the public sector of countries in transition such as Russia. A system of performance management has been designed and introduced by the federal government of the Russian Federation in 2007 as a part of the Administrative reform agenda.

Success in implementing the performance management in the public sector organisations has varied. The thesis explores the experience of implementing a system of performance management in the local governance of the Russian Federation for the period of time 2013-2014. It addresses a series of questions prompted by the process of implementation. First, the thesis explores the actual process of performance management implementation in the context of the Russian local government. Second, it provided the insights on the attitudes and perceptions of the local authority managers regarding the performance management purpose and implementation. Third, it explores the major challenges encountered during the process of the implementation.

Drawing upon theoretical assumptions of the policy transfer theory, institutional theory and the integrated approach to performance management system, this thesis proposes a richer understanding of the Russian local government performance management implementation in practice as it is looking at the same phenomenon from different angles.

The thesis employs a single method qualitative case study approach. Data is collected mainly through semi-structured interviews, with support of documentary research and participant observations. Study particularly looks at the local governance of the Russian public sector by using Krasnoyarsk City Administration as a case study.

The study gives effect to the basic principles and values of public administration in relation to the implementation of performance management system. The study contributes to the current theories and debate on the mainstreaming and institutionalizing of public service delivery to determine organisational performance by governmental institutions. Particularly, this contributes to the existing body of knowledge regarding challenges encountered during the implementation of Performance Management System in the public sector organisations. It adds to understanding of the public managers’ experience of implementing a performance management system in local government and it contributes to the research in this field conducted in transition countries.

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