Archive of the Irish in Britain

Founded in 1984, the Archive of the Irish in Britain is a unique academic and community resource. It consists of collections of documents, audio and video recordings, books, photographs and ephemera cataloguing the history of the Irish in Britain from the late nineteenth century to the present day. The Archive is regularly consulted by researchers, students, academics and journalists from Britain, Ireland and further afield. Its primary aims are as follows:-

  • Acquisition, cataloguing and indexing of new materials

  • Preservation and safe storage of the collections

  • Dissemination and widening of access to the archive

By preserving, expanding and disseminating the Archive, the Irish Studies Centre aims to secure and safeguard the historical records of the Irish in Britain and to enhance understanding of the Irish community for British, Irish and other peoples alike. We are keen to encourage participation in the development of the Archive through volunteering, donation of materials, interviews, exhibitions, talks and collaborative projects.

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