Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education

Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education

March 2016 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book explores ways in which pedagogical research, theory, models and frameworks can be used pragmatically to enhance teaching practice in higher education. It provides practical strategies, ideas, techniques and approaches drawn from literature and real-life experience, using examples from a variety of disciplines.

Cross-cutting themes include developing resilience and care for ourselves, our colleagues and our students, engaging with diversity in teaching and promoting dialogue and enquiry. It also addresses the dimensions of the UK Professional Standards Framework.

 Key coverage includes:

  • Models of course and learning design and evaluation
  • Teaching in different contexts including lectures and small groups, laboratory, studio and practice settings and supervising student research
  • Enhancing assessment and feedback, student engagement and academic writing through inclusive practice
  • Promoting participation in blended learning
  • Developing students’ work-relevant skills, attributes and practices
  • Approaches to professional development  including the role of mindfulness in teaching

This is essential reading for lecturers on Higher Education Academy-accredited programmes, such as PGCTLHE, PGCAP, PG Cert HE, and for staff seeking HEA fellowship through experience-based routes, or who wish to develop more scholarly approaches to their practice.


Helen Pokorny & Digby Warren
Chapter 1: Introduction: Teaching in the changing landscape of higher education
Digby Warren
Chapter 2: Course and learning design and evaluation
Steven Cranfield
Chapter 3: Teaching by leading and managing learning environments
Helen Pokorny
Chapter 4: Assessment for learning
Charl Fregona with Agata Sadza
Chapter 5: Blended learning
Kathy Harrington, Sandra Sinfield & Tom Burns
Chapter 6: Student engagement
Susannah McKee & Matt Scandrett
Chapter 7: Embracing student diversity
Julian Ingle
Chapter 8: Engaging with academic writing and discourse
Dave Griffiths & Digby Warren
Chapter 9: Effective supervision
Sibyl Coldham & Pauline Armsby
Chapter 10: Work-related learning
Jennifer Bright, Rebecca Eliahoo & Helen Pokorny
Chapter 11: Professional development

Everything you wanted to know about ways of improving teaching and learning, but might have been too reluctant to enquire into.   Each chapter addresses a key aspect, is taut and accessible to busy practitioners, and its main points easily understood.  Large literatures are opened invitingly to the reader and are assimilated with ease.  Helen Pokorny and Digby Warren have demonstrated just how helpful good editing can be.  I recommend this book wholeheartedly.  It should become a staple on courses for lecturers in universities and will be valuable right across the English-speaking world

Ron Barnett, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education
Institute of Education, University College London

Enhancing teaching practice in higher education provides a timely collection of chapters covering the key topics new and existing lecturers and learning support staff need to understand to find their way through the rapidly changing HE landscape.  This scholarly volume provides an informative, practical and readable guide to the professionalisation of teaching and learning in higher education.  I highly recommend it.


Professor Mick Healey
Higher Education Consultant and Researcher

This book offers an excellent overview of the areas of activity, knowledge and values that are important for all teachers in higher education. Each of the chapters articulate forms of learning that are interactive, engaging and inclusive of the diversity of learners encountered in higher education today. The authors have blended theoretical underpinnings, highly practical approaches and the use of insightful questions throughout the text, to create a highly thoughtful and useful guide for staff.

Dr Catherine Bovill
University of Glasgow

 This book is a valuable resource for anyone concerned with academic professional development in the changing landscape of higher education. The chapters provide considered and reflective explorations into what it means to both teach and learn at university, rather than simply offering a ‘how to do it’ approach.  In so doing, the volume challenges HE educators to take a fresh approach to their own professional values.

Mary Lea
The Open University

I am delighted to offer an endorsement  for this volume which I think makes a significant and powerful contribution to the literature in the field. This timely book contains a wealth of practical advice while being soundly research informed and evidence-based. At a time when globally Higher Education Institutions are seeking ways to recognise and reward teaching excellence, this book is invaluable. The range of contributors to this book is impressive and they are clearly guided by a strong  editorial influence, which ensures  its coherence

A key aspect of the text is its focus on care for students' wellbeing as well as their learning, which demonstrates not only the erudition of the contributors but also their humanity. A particularly strong crosscutting theme within the text is recognition of the need to redress disadvantage and foster diversity in higher education context.

For those in the UK and internationally wishing to gain recognition of their teaching through the UK Professional Standards Framework as demonstrated through Higher Education Academy Fellowships, this book will be particularly helpful. Reference is made to all core knowledge, activities and values that underpin not only HEA  Fellowships but also sound university teaching professional practice.

Sally Brown
Emerita Professor, Leeds Beckett University

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