Borderlands: the edges of Europe [article]

Leonardi, Paola (2023) Borderlands: the edges of Europe [article]. You are here: the journal of creative geography, XXIV ((2023)). pp. 16-21. ISSN 2833-1370


My photographic project critically re-maps the land borders of the European Union, proposing a new representation that focuses on the people who inhabit the border zones, rather than political treaties and physical boundaries decided by central powers.
Over the past 10 years I have walked along the land borders of Europe, photographing extensively and asking myself the question “Where does Europe end? What separates me from the other side?” and I have found endless examples of families and communities that have been split by borders or who felt an affinity with “the other side”/
Borderlands: The Edges of Europe utilizes photographic storytelling to visually map the physical presence of the border through the images of its inhabitants and landscapes, creating an archive of vernacular narratives and offering an insight into the multifaceted development of European identity that is accessible to a broad public. This visual re-imagining of borders shifts the narrative from the borders being liminal areas with physical barriers to being territories that are inhabited, lived and experienced and most importantly are home to communities.

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