Cr5.7Si2.3P8N24 - a Chromium(+IV) Nitridosilicate Phosphate with Amphibole‐type structure

Pointner, Monika M., Fisher, Katherine R., Weidemann, Martin, Wolf, Florian, Wright, Jonathan, Bright, Eleanor Lawrence, Giacobbe, Carlotta, Oeckler, Oliver and Schnick, Wolfgang (2024) Cr5.7Si2.3P8N24 - a Chromium(+IV) Nitridosilicate Phosphate with Amphibole‐type structure. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 63 (14). pp. 1-6. ISSN 1433-7851


The first nitridic analog of an amphibole mineral, the quaternary nitridosilicate phosphate Cr5.7Si2.3P8N24 was synthesized under high‐pressure high‐temperature conditions at 1400 °C and 12 GPa from the binary nitrides Cr2N, Si3N4 and P3N5, using NH4N3 and NH4F as additional nitrogen source and mineralizing agent, respectively. The crystal structure was elucidated by single‐crystal X‑ray diffraction with microfocused synchrotron radiation (C2/m, a = 9.6002(19), b = 17.107(3), c = 4.8530(10) Å, β = 109.65(3)°). The elemental composition was analyzed by energy dispersive X‐ray spectroscopy. The structure consists of vertex‐sharing PN4‐tetrahedra forming zweier double chains and edge‐sharing (Si,Cr)‐centered octahedra forming separated ribbons. Atomic resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy shows ordered Si and Cr sites next to a disordered Si/Cr site. Optical spectroscopy indicates a band gap of 2.1 eV. Susceptibility measurements show paramagnetic behavior and support the oxidation state Cr+IV, which is confirmed by EPR. The comprehensive analysis expands the field of Cr‐N chemistry and provides access to a nitride analog of one of the most prevalent silicate structures.

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