Improving steganographic capacity using distributed steganography over BMP

Araujo, Istteffanny Isloure and Kazemian, Hassan (2020) Improving steganographic capacity using distributed steganography over BMP. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 79 (35-36). pp. 26181-26195. ISSN 1380-7501


Our research area tackles the improvement of private data security using our proposed Steganographic method called DSoBMP-I (Distributed Steganography over BMP faze I) to improve the issues of low capacity, high detectability and distortion. The methodology consists of a new distributed steganographic approach to minimise the main weaknesses of today’s methods, including Discrete Cosine Transform, where the capacity, detection and distortion need an upgrade to accommodate secure steganography for our data protection. The proposed prototype approach that evolved after a few experiments using our distributed steganographic method, where secret data is secured into a set of BMP files (as it is proven more reliable), originates from a raw file that is not necessarily a BMP at the start. After applying a layer of encryption for extra security using two different methods such as RC4 & RSA, comparing the two encryption techniques for their agility and extra security to address the issue of low capacity and better security using the DSoBMP-I method, all deriving from the supplied image. The overall achievement was improved capacity that doubles as the set of BMP images increases, less distortion and detectability as secret data stays among different files.

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