Carbon taxation in Singapore's semiconductor sector: a mini-review on GHG emission metrics and reporting

Li, Yuanzhe, Wang, Yan, Chong, Daphne, Xu, Zhongqi, Li, Luzi and Hu, Yuchun (2023) Carbon taxation in Singapore's semiconductor sector: a mini-review on GHG emission metrics and reporting. Carbon Research, 2 (1) (49). pp. 1-15. ISSN 2731-6696


The threat of climate change has catalyzed global endeavors to curb greenhouse gas emissions, with carbon taxation emerging as a pivotal policy instrument. Singapore, akin to Taiwan, has embraced this tool, and its ramifications on their semiconductor industry are both profound and multifaceted. At the outset, the imposition of carbon taxes inevitably escalates production costs for semiconductor firms, compelling them to offset their carbon footprint financially. This escalation, in turn, poses a risk of eroding the industry's competitive edge, nudging firms to contemplate the prospect of migrating to locales with more lenient carbon taxation regimes. However, in juxtaposition to these challenges, carbon taxation unveils a silver lining. It instigates semiconductor entities to recalibrate their operations, infusing energy-efficient technologies and pivoting towards renewable energy avenues. Such transitions not only attenuate their carbon emissions but also curtail their financial burden arising from carbon taxation. This manuscript elucidates a panoramic landscape of both policy innovations and technological strides specific to Singapore's semiconductor arena. It aims to be an instrumental compass for stakeholders, delineating pathways for achieving optimal eco-financial equilibrium in the sector. Graphical Abstract:

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