Sensors for water quality assessment in extreme environmental conditions

Ganguly, Priyanka (2023) Sensors for water quality assessment in extreme environmental conditions. In: Sensing technologies for real time monitoring of water quality. IEEE Press Series on Sensors . Wiley-IEEE Press, Hoboken, New Jersey, pp. 253-282. ISBN 9781119775836


Water quality monitoring (WQM) sensors developed over the past few years have advanced significantly. Progress in the communication strategies, particularly for the wireless sensing networks and connected networking system, has contributed to their effective deployment. The multisensory modules incorporated with various, physical, chemical, and biological sensors equipped on boats, unmanned aerial vehicles, underwater vehicles, and buoys aid in water monitoring even at the remotest/extreme environmental conditions. While the advances made in the sensing materials have drastically improved the potential of the sensors to be deployed for water monitoring at extreme conditions. The present chapter discusses the key parameters of WQM, and the material advances made in improving the sensing efficiency. It also discusses through various deployment techniques.

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