Intelligent metasurface layer for direct antenna amplitude modulation scheme

Jwair, Marwah Haleem, Elwi, Taha A., Alibakhshikenari, Mohammad, Virdee, Bal Singh, Almizan, Hayder, Hassan, Zaid A. Abdul, Ali, Syed Mansoor, Kouhalvandi, Lida, Livreri, Patrizia, Tokan, Nurhan Türker, Pau, Giovanni, See, Hwang Chan and Limiti, Ernesto (2023) Intelligent metasurface layer for direct antenna amplitude modulation scheme. IEEE Access, 11. pp. 77506-77517. ISSN 2169-3536


This paper proposes a transmitter system based on direct antenna amplitude-shift keying modulation for point-to-point microwave link. The proposed system is formed from a conventional microstrip antenna and a novel reconfigurable metasurface layer (RMSL). The proposed RMSL has two states: OFF (or Logic-0) and ON (or Logic-1) where each switching scenario provides a certain gain level. This is achieved through controlling the proposed RMSL switching configuration to control the amplitude of the transmitted signal. Results show that such a system can modulate electromagnetic signals directly by varying the antenna’s gain from about 2 dBi for Logic-0 to 13.8 dBi for Logic-1. An analytical model-based ray-tracing technique is invoked to explain the operation of the proposed antenna system. To demonstrate the operation of the proposed system, both the antenna and the RMSL structures were fabricated, assembled and tested. Measurements show good agreement with the theoretical model and numerical simulations obtained using CST Microwave Studio software package. The overall system has dimensions of 25×25×7.3 cm3.

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