Impact of self-awareness life skill on effective leadership in the digital era

Thapa, Pramila, Akashe, Shyam, Palladino, Francesco and Aryal, Rishiram (2023) Impact of self-awareness life skill on effective leadership in the digital era. Journal of Academic Perspective on Social Studies, 1. pp. 54-64. ISSN 2667-5889


The main drive of this study remained toward investigate the influence of self-awareness life skills on leadership effectiveness in the certain enterprises in the Kathmandu area in the digital era and also associated socio-demographic variables on leadership effectiveness. The study included a quantitative research design and convenience sampling techniques. 429 managers/leaders from particular enterprises in the Kathmandu participated in the survey. The identities of the chosen enterprises weren't publicly disclosed, though. Self-awareness is measured by the Cronbach Alpha at.747, while leadership effectiveness is measured at.801. A content validity test and a factor analysis test were also carried out, with the results recommending a research study. Descriptive analysis and regression analysis were applied to test the hypothesis. The study found that life-skill self-awareness and leadership effectiveness in the digital age were impacted. Agreeing to the regression model, the R-value is.477, the R-square is.227, and the adjusted R-square value is.226. A positive correlation between successful leadership and people's age, marital status, experience, and leadership training was discovered to be significant. Enterprise authority should be developed with a culture of self-awareness skills in order to increase empowerment, engagement, and enthusiasm at work. Evidence suggests that it can be developed.

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