A method of active system safety

Kirk, Brian Robson (2008) A method of active system safety. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.


The concept of Active Safety proposed originally by Prof Schagaev [3][4][5][6] can be applied to provide additional improvement in safety of a system over its operational lifecycle by continuous analysis and assessment of the state of the system in real time of its operation and reacting dynamically to improve its safety. This thesis develops the concept, theory and an implementation for a Method of Active System Safety (MASS) for application in the field of Aviation. The thesis has three parts:
Part 1 researches the Aviation domain and current safety practices. General and Civil Aviation flight statistics are analysed to gain and understanding of flight risks, their causes and opportunities to improve safety. Current approaches to safety management are reviewed then the Principle of Active Safety (PASS) is introduced.
Part 2 explores how PASS can be used as a basis for improving operational reliability, and so safety; the PASS algorithm is presented. A theoretical reliability model is then developed for the operational lifecycle of an aircraft and then conditional, preventive and PASS assisted maintenance strategies are evaluated. The beneficial effect of introducing PASS is then demonstrated at 2 levels: first during the lifecycle of use of an aircraft showing how apparent reliability can be improved and unnecessary maintenance reduced and second during each flight, using PASS to improve flight reliability. This uses an operational model (flight modes and limits) and a physical aircraft model (elements and fault detection) using dependency and recovery matrices. A means is proposed to provide timely and relevant safety advice based on continuous PASS analysis in real time of flight operations. A prototype implementation is described and a process proposed for characterisation of the system for a particular aircraft. The state of the art in Active Safety is reviewed and suggestions for further research are outlined.
Part 3 contains supportive information in the Appendices.
The contribution made to the knowledge of Active Safety is a theoretical and practical development of the concept in terms of aircraft classification, flight risk analysis, operational reliability modelling, fault analysis, the application of PASS in aviation and a system design for an Active Safety Monitor which operates in real time of flight.

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