Institutional complementarities in business systems and labour markets

Panagiotopoulos, Miltiadis (2009) Institutional complementarities in business systems and labour markets. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.


The academic literature is inconsistent about the evolvement of the German industrial relations network and varies between theories which emphasize its versatility or forecast its probable deterioration. The study will try to demonstrate that a decentralized version of industrial democracy, with works councillors supporting trade unionists, provides for an alternative against the liberal market economies, and it can be a main ingredient in the process of increasing European integration. Social partnership and collective organization are different as regards the explanation of the development of the capitalist system, on the one hand emphasizing cooperation between management and labour and on the other the contrary. The thesis will make an effort to demonstrate that the two propositions are not real substitutes, and provided that the environmental factors are favourable, they can become complementary parts of a coordinated design for the revitalization of trade unions in Britain. The publications about the transition of corporate governance in France are controversial fluctuating between opinions proposing the integration of socioeconomic qualities, to the fragmentation of distinct and persistent systems by the interdependence of their attributes, or the predominance of the qualities of a single network. The study will try to demonstrate a genuinely interdisciplinary perspective which emphasizes on the strong affiliation of economics and political science with financial markets and workplace relations in the course of institutional transformation.

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