The organisation of composer archives with special reference to the Britten-Pears Library, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England

Thacker, Martin Nicholas (1986) The organisation of composer archives with special reference to the Britten-Pears Library, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England. Masters thesis, Polytechnic of North London.


In chapter one, the use of the term "composer archive" is explained, and examples of its application in different situations are given. A questionnaire sent out to various establishments is described, and its results discussed.

In chapter two, the types of stock found in composer archives are described, and reference is made to published literature about each type, and to published facsimiles. By way of illustration, reference is made to particular items in the Britten-Pears Library, Aldeburgh.

Chapter three discusses techniques and problems of research on the materials described in chapter two. Examples from Britten autographs are provided (with reproductions).

In chapter four, reference is made to a survey carried out by means of a questionnaire sent to users of the Britten-Pears Library; and some types of user projects are discussed in relation to the results of the questionnaire, and with reference to the techniques described in chapter three.

Chapter five deals with the application of information retrieval techniques to composer archives; with particular reference to the problems and needs of users highlighted in the previous chapters.

Appendix I contains a directory of composer archives, compiled from returns to the questionnaire described in chapter one, and from other sources. Reference is made to items in the bibliography (Appendix II), which relate to the various archives in any way; e.g. are published by them, or as a result of research done in them, or describe their holdings. Appendix I thus has the additional function of a subject index to the bibliography.

Appendix III contains the questionnaire sent to the composer archives, which is described in chapter one.

Appendix IV contains the questionnaire sent to the users of the Britten-Pears Library, described in chapter four.

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