Beam tilting antenna using integrated metamaterial loading

Dadgarpour, Abdolmehdi, Zarghooni, Behnam, Virdee, Bal Singh and Denidni, Tayeb A. (2014) Beam tilting antenna using integrated metamaterial loading. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 62 (5). pp. 2874-2879. ISSN 0018-926X


This communication presents a technique to re-direct the radiation beam from a planar antenna in a specific direction with the inclusion of metamaterial loading. The beam-tilting approach described here uses the phenomenon based on phase change resulting from an EM wave entering a medium of different refractive index. The metamaterial H-shaped unit-cell structure is configured to provide a high refractive index which was used to implement beam tilting in a bow-tie antenna. The fabricated unit-cell was first characterized by measuring its S-parameters. Hence, a two dimensional array was constructed using the proposed unit-cell to create a region of high refractive index which was implemented in the vicinity bow-tie structure to realize beam-tilting. The simulation and experimental results show that the main beam of the antenna in the E-plane is tilted by 17 degrees with respect to the end-fire direction at 7.3, 7.5, and 7.7 GHz. Results also show unlike conventional beam-tilting antennas, no gain drop is observed when the beam is tilted; in fact there is a gain enhancement of 2.73 dB compared to the original bow-tie antenna at 7.5 GHz. The reflection-coefficient of the antenna remains < 10 dB in the frequency range of operation.

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