An ontological approach to model software quality assurance knowledge domain

Bajnaid, Nada O. (2013) An ontological approach to model software quality assurance knowledge domain. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.


Software Quality Assurance (SQA) becomes one of the most important objectives of software development and maintenance activities and as a result within an area of Software Engineering (SE) there are developed standards related to the SQA. Despite the effort made to improve consistency and coherency among standards, still there is no single standard embraces the whole SQA knowledge area. To contribute to this effort, this thesis presents an ontological model to describe and define the SQA knowledge area. International standards (SWEBOK, IEEE, and ISO) were the main sources of the terminology and semantic relations of the developed SQA conceptual model. A formal ontology was implemented using the semantic web open standard OWL language. To avoid contradictory information, the developed ontology was validated for consistency. Clarity and completeness have been evaluated using assessment questionnaire. Application-Based ontology evaluation is used to measure practical aspects of ontology deployment. Based on the results and findings of the ontology evaluation process, an enhanced version of the SQA ontology was developed. The ultimate goal was to develop an ontology that faithfully models the SQA discipline as practiced in the software development life cycle.

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