Mapping relational databases to semantic web using domain-specific knowledge

Mallede, Wondimagegn Yalew (2014) Mapping relational databases to semantic web using domain-specific knowledge. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.


Semantic Web is a framework which allows information to be represented not only syntactically using suitable structural definitions ("data schema"), specific instances of them ("data") and their use ("access rights"), but also semantically using a logical model which allows formal interpretation and sound logical inferencing about the information ("knowledge"). Relational models are limited to the interpretation of purely relational data and do not provide sufficiently rich means for interpreting the knowledge associated with the use of the data. Relational languages lack the expressiveness to represent imprecise, uncertain, partially true and approximate knowledge (Sheth, Ramakrishnan, & Thomas, Semantics for the Semantic Web: The Implicit, the Formal and the Powerful , 2005). This lack of capability to represent and process knowledge while it is still in a relational model is the trigger for this research project's initiative. This research project focuses on the mapping of the relational data stored in a database to an ontological repository as a step towards representing and processing the knowledge on the Web. (Introduction, pages 10-11).

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