The publishing of translated fiction and the cultural funding system in Britain and Denmark: a cross-cultural study and assessment

Pihl, Tina (1996) The publishing of translated fiction and the cultural funding system in Britain and Denmark: a cross-cultural study and assessment. Doctoral thesis, University of North London.


Denmark and Britain are examples of closely related West-European national cultures and of cultures of major and minor importance. The thesis explores how different industry structures and values within publishing facilitate or binder the publishing of translated fiction. It also explores how different traditions, values and history have influenced the structuring of state institutions such as the cultural funding systems. The thesis also explores how the differences in the cultural funding systems have created different conditions for artistic production and availability.

The contemporary changing world and the problems it creates between national cultures, ethnic and racial groups are discussed. In this context cross-cultural understanding and openness and the role of cultural products are discussed.

The influence of Britain on Denmark is explored through specific and universal historical developments and popular culture products which have led to an openness and knowledge of British culture .

The two publishing worlds are profiled because translated fiction has to survive on the same marketforces as all other publishing.

The factors which influence the selection of fiction for translation are discussed. These factors are selection criteria, sources of information and considerations of the market.

The importance of publicity in Britain is explored through a case study on two Danish titles published in Britain in 1993.

Traditions, values and history are drawn upon to explain differences in the cultural funding systems of Denmark and Britain, as reasons for exclusion or inclusion of different concepts of culture are also looked at.

The funding systems for literature as they are expressed through the Arts Council, the Danish State Arts Foundation and Public Lending Right are analysed.

The ways in which public libraries are incorporated in the cultural funding system are explored.

The support to translated fiction and the promotion done for export of fiction are discussed. Influences from the contemporary changing world in support and promotion of translated fiction are identified.

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