Developing a vaccine for human rhinoviruses

McLean, Gary R. (2014) Developing a vaccine for human rhinoviruses. Journal of vaccines & immunization, 2 (3). pp. 16-20. ISSN 2053-1273


Rhinoviruses (RV's) are common human pathogens of the respiratory tract being the most frequent cause of mild diseases of the upper respiratory tract (common cold) but more importantly they are a major initiator of acute exacerbations of chronic airway diseases. Infections can be life threatening in the latter context however RV -induced common colds have an associated economic cost from loss of productivity due to absence from work or school. There are no appropriate antiviral therapies available and vaccine strategies have failed because of the large number of viral serotypes and the lack of cross-serotype protection generated. Here, approaches past and present for development of a vaccine to these widespread human pathogens are highlighted.

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