Re-cycle/up-cycle: a conversation

Rossi, Gian and Scarso, Jacek Ludwig (2020) Re-cycle/up-cycle: a conversation. In: Staging and Re-cycling: Retrieving, Reflecting and Re-framing the Archive. Routledge, London, pp. 156-166. ISBN 9780367859398


In this conversation between Gian Carlo Rossi and Jacek Ludwig Scarso, both authors reflect on what recycling and the idea of the “re-thing”, to use John’s and Knut’s phrase, mean in relation to their own directing work. Drawing on the changing connotation of recycling in an environmentally concerned world, parallels may be seen in the conceptual and aesthetic adaption of existent ideas, and the physical re-use of items of performance. The conversation takes examples from their respective work, including Gian’s Shakespeare productions for the Gdańsk Festiwal Szekspirowski and Jacek’s multimedia performance installation at Tate Modern. Do existent texts and images get recycled because intrinsically relatable or gain relatability and longevity through recycling? Is postmodern recycling an inescapable condition and does the meaning of such recycling evolve as our world changes? Is the idea of originality consequently redundant and may it be replaced by the idea of up-cycling?

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