A survey based investigation for Cloud Computing adoption internationally

Ullah, Raja Muhammad Ubaid, Buckley, Kevan, Garvey, Mary and Li, Jun (2019) A survey based investigation for Cloud Computing adoption internationally. International Journal of Computer Trends and Technology (IJCTT), 67 (4). pp. 106-117. ISSN 2231-2803


Cloud computing (CC) is a new trend in information technology and has the potential to play a major role, in addressing inefficient resources, make a fundamental growth and competitiveness for large, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) internationally. The main benefits of adoption of CC services by Large and SMEs will be able to use the latest technology, without the need for the upfront cost, but reducing cost, providing a secure information platform and increasing productivity. The main drawback is that most organisations are adopting the CC without properly understanding that information data they are storing in the cloud is secure or not. The primary objective of this paper is to explore the CC adoption from large and SME perspective internationally. The current state of CC information intensity, different levels of external and other support in the organisations, motivations, requirements prevent the intensity of information and various level of external and other support for CC environment, the study findings can provide guidance on how to address the business and technology risks associated by CC adoption. However, a survey is conducted internationally on 107 Large and SMEs through survey monkey website, which shows interest in the CC services adoption. Specifically, in this paper users are evaluated through 6 factors, for instance, external support, competitive pressure, senior management support, employees cloud knowledge, adequate resources and information intensity.Though survey it is revealed that already adopted some cloud services are 84.11%, are in the processes of Implementing 8.41%, intend to adopt cloud services in the next 3 years 6.54% and don't intend to adopt any cloud services in near future 0.93%. The findings are expected to be beneficial for Large and SMEs in their adoption of CC services and may also be useful for service providers with respect to end-users’ concerns.

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