Design thinking: unpeeling the sticky notes

Oropallo, Gabriele (2018) Design thinking: unpeeling the sticky notes. Form, 276. pp. 91-95. ISSN 0015-7678


Considering the fast rise of the notion of design thinking in the design discourse over the last decade, one might be tempted to dismiss it as a fad. In fact, af­ter a decade of design thinking, even some of its early prophets were renouncing the concept. As early as 2011, Bruce Nussbaum dismissed it as a failed experiment and now favours the term “creative quotient." The emergence of design thinking is a document in its own right that demonstrates a continuous effort in mapping and rationalising the uncertainty that lays at the heart of the design process and, by reflex and paradox, the intrinsic resistance that design problems thanks to their liquidity oppose to the application of methods.

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