Impact of leadership on family business organizational performance : the case of El-Saeed Group - Egypt

Al-Sarraf, Nidhall H. H. (2019) Impact of leadership on family business organizational performance : the case of El-Saeed Group - Egypt. Doctoral thesis, London Metropolitan University.


This thesis studies the relationship between leadership and family business performance. It consists of three parts: literature review, methodology, and data analysis. The literature review covers: leadership, family business, organizational performance, and the impact of leadership on organizational performance. They are the core areas that frame this thesis.

To answer this research question: “how does leadership impact organizational performance in a family business?” three leadership styles considered: a) leader - member exchange LMX leadership, b) transformational leadership, and c) servant leadership, and those three leadership styles further split into twenty subscales, and four organizational performance measures: profitability, productivity, plant efficiency, and sales volume. These parameters resulted in the development of 20 x 4 =80 hypotheses to test, in order to examine the relationship between each leadership subscale with each organizational performance measure; the testing of hypotheses was conducted by means of statistical analysis.

The study chose El-Saeed Investment Group – Egypt (eight companies) as the research setting. There, data were collected from 588 participants; seventy six (76) of them who held leadership roles (top and mid – management levels) were asked to complete a questionnaire of three parts (one for each leadership style) in order to operationalize the independent variable (leadership). Historical data were collected from those companies in relation to each of the organizational performance measures in order to operationalize the dependent variable (organizational performance).

The results showed a very strong, or strong positive relationship between many of these leadership styles (subscales) and some of the organizational performance measures. Some of these relationships are statistically significant.

This research work makes a significant contribution to knowledge and literature by providing solid empirical evidence about the relationship between each of these three leadership styles (twenty subscales) and the selected organizational performance measures (four measures) – this is the area where the theoretical gap has been identified. In addition to the theoretical conclusions, the study has a significant contribution to practitioners’ knowledge, by offering recommendations that are beneficial and practically useful to El-Saeed Investment Group – Egypt, and any similar company, in the processes of selecting and recruiting the new leaders and / or in the development programs for the existing leaders.

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